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In 2022, MAA periodicals continued to publish and thrive, thanks to our community of editors, editorial boards, authors, referees, problem solvers, and problem-solving groups.

Two of our members, Deanna Haunsperger and Jessica Deshler, were featured in Taylor & Francis’ International Women’s Day and Women in STEM social media video campaign. Permanent collections of award-winning articles from our three journals, Convergence, Math Values, and Math Horizons were added to the MAA Members landing page at Taylor & Francis.

Additionally, during 2022 we built the framework for a new journal, Scatterplot. Scatterplot will serve the MAA community by pro­viding resources for teachers looking to make their mathe­matics curricula more applicable and relevant for students interested in data science and other applications.

Finally, this year, both Math Values and Convergence published content in Spanish, reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity.

Check out more items from our 2022 highlights list, then explore Letters from Our Editors below!

More 2022 Publication Highlights

We created permanent collections of award-winning articles available on the T&F Online MAA Members landing page
The College Mathematics Journal’s Problem Section now uses Submittable to track submissions
We selected Tami Lakins to be the next editor of The College Mathematics Journal
Both Math Values and Convergence published content in Spanish, advancing our value of inclusivity
The 2022 Virtual Special Issue featured a collection of Dan Kalman’s writing
Della Dumbaugh and Deanna Haunsperger released a second season of their podcast, Count Me In

Letters From Our Editors

Stephen Kennedy

MAA Press, an imprint of the American Mathematical Society (AMS)

MAA Press produced a wide variety of beautiful books in 2022. Our primary emphasis remains the publication of books intended to help faculty deliver on their teaching mission...

Allison Henrich


In early 2022, I began shadowing Jackie Jensen-Vallin, assembling my Editorial Board, and working on my first issue. Jackie did a tremendous job preparing me to take over as editor of MAA FOCUS in June 2022...

Deanna Haunsperger

Math Values

In 2022, Math Values averaged nearly twelve posts per month, with 90,000 visits to the site. This year was marked by a significant increase in the number of regular blog series...

Convergence is MAA’s online, peer-reviewed journal for the history of mathematics and its use in teaching. Experiencing mathematics through its historical development humanizes the subject, catches students’ attention through intriguing and inspiring stories...

Tom Edgar

Math Horizons

During the 2022 calendar year, Math Horizons had 101 submissions, and we accepted 34 of those submissions, while seven are still under consideration...

Rick Clearly


Scatterplot will launch in 2024 as an open-access MAA journal for mathematicians interested in the interface between mathematics and data science...

Dominic Klyve

The College Mathematics Journal

The College Mathematics Journal has continued to flourish, receiving 253 submissions in 2022 and receiving help from 87 willing referees...

Jason Rosenhouse

Mathematics Magazine

In 2022, Mathematics Magazine continued to reach an impressive international audience, publishing articles from 18 countries spread across every major continent. Such is the volume of quality submissions we receive that our October...

Della Dumbaugh

American Mathematical Monthly

In my first year as Editor of the American Mathematical Monthly in 2022, the Editorial Board reviewed 906 submissions. The Board drew from their diverse array of life experiences and mathematical expertise to evaluate submissions...

2022 Publications, By the Numbers

Articles Published
Article Downloads
Editorial Board Members
Articles Published
Article Downloads
Editorial Board Members
Articles Published
Article Downloads
Editorial Board Members
Articles Published
Article Downloads
Editorial Board Members
Blogs Published
Page Views
Editorial Board Members
Article Views
Editorial Board Members
Editorial Boards
Editorial Board Members

Help Out with MAA Reviews!

MAA Reviews is a critical forum for mathematics-related books, ranging from popular nonfiction to textbooks, research monographs, and beyond. Reviews are written and edited by volunteers. Contact editor Brian Borchers if you want to help out as a reviewer or associate editor!

Contact Brian

Season 2 of the Count Me In Podcast

Check out Season 2 of MAA’s Count Me In podcast, hosted by former MAA President Deanna Haunsperger and American Mathematical Monthly Editor Della Dumbaugh.

Listen to the Podcast

2022 MAA Mathfest

2022 saw a triumphant return to in-person meetings with the latest MAA MathFest.

After a successful virtual meeting in 2021, MAA conducted multiple surveys gauging members’ interest in and comfort with in-person gatherings. We determined that the community supported a safe return to on-site participation at the summer meeting.

With lingering environmental uncertainty and a quick pivot of venue needed due to the original location’s closure, MAA MathFest 2022 was conceived, planned, and executed on a highly accelerated timeline of just 6 months.

The 2022 summer meeting was a greater-than-anticipated success, bringing 1,402 attendees together, most of them in person for the first time since 2019.

MAA MathFest 2022 saw a near-record 418 abstracts submitted, as well as participation in 120 sessions. For the first time, MAA offered access for long-distance attendees through the MAA MathFest meeting app. Through this app, users could connect with each other via live chat and messaging, and explore festival program content.

In 2022, MAA continued to expand the frontiers of our community’s reach, and extended its commitment to mutual support!

2022 MAA MathFest, By the Numbers

Including 418 student abstracts
Festival Revenue
163% increase from 2021
Sponsor/Exhibit Revenue
275% increase from 2021
Meeting App Users


MAA has 14 grant-funded programs, three categories: Curriculum Resources, Outreach Initiatives, and Professional Development.

Aid faculty in the training process for pre-service teachers currently in undergraduate school

Enable faculty to fund projects aimed at reaching underrepresented groups in mathematics

Increase the skills of current college and university faculty, support early-career mathematicians, and provide resources to teachers

2022 Program Highlights

In 2022, we piloted a new outreach program called the Neff Outreach Fund, which supports students from rural, Indigenous, and/or historically underserved communities.

We also launched OPEN Math, a new online professional development program for undergraduate math faculty and instructors, and relaunched our Distinguished Lecture Series—wide-ranging discussions offered for free throughout the year on YouTube.

We were also proud to partner with the students from the Online Undergraduate Resource Fair for the Advancement and Alliance of Marginalized Mathematicians (OURFA2M2). This online conference offered resources, lectures, and networking opportunities for undergraduate math students.

Additional 2022 Program Highlights

Outreach Grants Awarded
Stipends Awarded
To students from rural, Indigenous, and/or historically underserved communities
Funds Committed
To OPEN Math workshop designers/facilitators
OPEN Math workshop attendees across 7 workshops
Online Views
Of our Distinguished Lecture Series
Online conference attendees for OURFA2M2

MAA Project Next

MAA Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences.
Deirdre Longacher-Smeltzer
MAA Senior Director of Programs

“In the mid 1990s, my year as an inaugural Project NExT Fellow provided me with a network of peers and mentors. It helped me navigate the stresses, challenges, and successes of my early years, and remains one of the most impactful experiences of my professional life.”


In 2022, MAA challenged the most brilliant young minds in mathematics, hosting competitions from the United States to Romania, including:

American Mathematics Competition (AMC)
This program helps America’s educators identify talent and foster a love of mathematics through classroom resources and friendly competition.
Edyth May Sliffe Awards
The Edyth May Sliffe Awards for Distinguished Mathematics Teaching in Middle School and High School are given annually to middle and high school mathematics teachers who have done outstanding work to motivate students in mathematics by participating in one of the MAA American Mathematics Competitions.
European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO)
A hybrid-format mathematical olympiad for girls which began in 2012; the US team traveled to Hungary to participate in person.
Romanian Master of Mathematics
The 13th annual competition for students at the pre-university level, held remotely in Bucharest, Romania.
United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO)
A six-question, two-day, nine-hour essay/proof examination.
William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition
The preeminent mathematics competition for undergraduate college students in the United States and Canada, consisting of two three-hour sessions.
Young Women in Mathematics Awards & Certificates
MAA awarded $25,000 to the 43 prize winners and 788 certificate winners.
Additionally, 23 Olympiad students were recognized in a Celebration of Mathematics ceremony on September 24, 2022, hosted by MAA partner Jane Street.

The ceremony honored them for winning gold at the USA Mathematical Olympiad and USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad, and/or for representing the United States on our International Mathematical Olympiad and European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad teams.

Alicia Tan
Certificate Winner

“The most important thing is to build a community in which girls are free to pursue math. It is very helpful when one has support from their peers around them who are doing the same thing. Role models are also vital for encouraging girls to continue their passions. It’s important for girls to see that there are successful women in math who are making a positive impact on society.”

Jennifer Barton
American Mathematics Competition

“The 2022 EGMO team rose to the occasion under exigent circumstances and represented themselves, MAA, and our country extremely well. 2022 has proved to be a challenging year. In addition to a second COVID variant, we were faced with whether or not we should send a team to Eastern Europe to compete. I am so proud of their fortitude, and first-place win.”

2022 Competitions By the Numbers

William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition participants
Institutions represented at the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition
Distributed through the Young Women in Mathematics Awards
Prize Winners
Young Women in Mathematics prize winners
Certificate Winners
Young Women in Mathematics certificate winners
Countries represented at AMC International
Student Participants
Student participants in AMC 10/12
Student Participants
Student participants in AMC 8

Listen to MAA AMC’s Student Podcast

Explore mathematics with your hosts, AMC Olympians Holden, Isabella, and Luke!

In this interactive series, they share their experiences as top-scoring AMC students, advise aspiring mathematicians, and dive deeper into complex math concepts. New episodes arrive each month.

Questions for the hosts? Submit them here.

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